Project Description

Roof Maintenance For Schools – Cocoon Roof Care

Cocoon has undertaken maintenance and Cool Roof installations at a number of public and private schools, including McKinnon College, Toorak College, Fairfield Primary School, and many more.

In our experience, and from ongoing discussions with school principals, we have come to understand there are a number of major OH&S challenges faced by schools with regards to maintenance and repair of school roofs. Management and control of anything from balls, debris on the roof to graffiti high up on walls can involve a lot of “red tape” associated with for the school maintenance team resolving these issues. There are a number of aspects about roof access making it a hazardous operation to attend,  for cleaning, collecting lost belongings and maintain the health of a roof.

Based on this ongoing need for a preventive maintenance regime and repair works along with the specific needs of schools by nature, we have developed Cocoon Roof Care.

Cocoon Roof Care has is a long term security program for school roofs, it begins with an initial review and report of all school roofs with necessary repair works in which the following is included at a fixed annual cost:

  • Initial consultation report and review of all school roofs with necessary repair works
  • Management of OH&S requirements associated with all school roof suppliers
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs for an extensive list of minor roof issues, fixing these early is a preventative measure to remove the risk of more significant major / emergency roof issues
  • With the installation of a Cool Roof, significantly impacting the internal temperature of a building (gymnasiums, classrooms, theatres)
  • Control of heat issues and water proofing problems

We have been working with schools for over 15 years, and during this time we have grown our business to continue to support the challenges that we see resulting from decay due to age or poorly insulated building roofs.

We recently addressed a major heat issue of multi-purpose and gym delivered under “Building the Education Revolution” (BER) under the Federal Department of Education between 2007 and 2010. The facility was unable to be used by students and teachers once the ambient temperature reached 26oc. Cocoon Cool Roofs worked with the school to provide an economical and viable solution for the building by cooling it without increasing ongoing power costs.

Project Details

  • Category: Education

  • Client: Various

  • Location: Victoria

  • Tasks: Cocoon Roof Care

Cocoon Cool Roofs provide a triple impact to your businesses bottom line

We are proud of the power of our offering and the benefits that it has for you, your business and the planet.

Financial Benefits

  • No disruption to normal business operations means while we are working so can you.

  • Reduced investment in air conditioning capital costs, reduced maintenance and running costs.

  • Cheaper than outright roof replacement and avoids additional costs such as design and engineering fees or HVAC removal.

Social Benefits

  • No disruption to the use of premises and services.

  • Reduced safety risk to the public as roof sheeting is not removed during application of coating thus no risk to  public under roof or surrounding the building.

  • Construction time reduced.

Environmental Benefits

  • Coating reduces heat transfer and provides R value (insulation) for the building.

  • Reduced amount of waste, demolition and material going to landfill.

  • Reduced use of natural resources for steel roofs.

  • Reduced carbon footprint due to passive cooling.